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Fully Automated Steaming Robot Is Fully Developed

Sunday, April 10th, 2011

The steaming robot, which has been developed last year, has left prototype status. End of March MSD Gmbh, the developer of the steaming robot which received the Indega and Taspo RAM innovation awards , announced that the system has been fully developed and that the German government safety association has approved the machine.

Approval by the government safety organization required further safety measures. Besides optimization of the driver’s console an automatic barrier recognition system has been installed (e.g. for kids) which leads to an emergency stop once activated.

Hence the steaming robot, which is manufactured by the Swiss German company Fobro-Kress, is the first approved robot for outdoor areas in Germany, which permanently can be operated without human control.

Steaming robot - BG-approved in 2011

Steaming robot - BG-approved in 2011